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Based on 1998 reviews
Great piece

I was concerned of the lenght because I'm 5'9 but it was perfect and had lot of compliments. Love it

Very cute

I like this styling of courage and you can wear it as a crop top as well so you get two looks for the price of one! I just ordered some more swimwear from ofuure just waiting for it to come so I can make a plus size summer swimwear on YouTube. However you can see my ofuure haul on YouTube 22haitianbaby!

Big boob friendly

I’m in the DD family so I had to get the biggest size but it’s very comfortable and secure. The only thing I didn’t like is that in the back the string goes high up not uncomfortable but just wasn’t feeling that even though it’s verrrrry comfortable and sexy. If you wanna see how it looks on you can see my ofuure haul on YouTube 22haitianbaby!

Plus size friendly

I loooove these bottoms it’s highly plus size friendly I don’t know how ofuure does this but it’s the only swimwear that has a high cut and still flattering even with my fupa every time and I feel so sexy. I’m still waiting for my lastest Swimwear to have a official summer swimwear on YouTube coming soon but you can see my ofuure haul on YouTube 22haitianbaby!

Worth your coins

I really love this skirt b/c it’s a two for one kinda look. You can wear it to church or the office than unzip the high split for brunch or a night out and the colors are so vibrant. If anyone wants to see it you can see my ofuure haul on YouTube 22haitianbaby!

Cute top

This top is so cute and it hides that fupa very nicely lol and stylish. Also I loooove the puffy sleeves you can see my ofuure haul on YouTube 22haitianbaby!

Worth the coins

This is a very cute sophisticated dress very much luxurious vibes you can see my ofuure haul on YouTube 22haitianbaby!

Triangles are smaller than you think

I love the design and super sexy fit, but the triangles were a lot smaller than I expected. I usually wear a medium even as a 36 DD. But still cute, comfy, and vibrant!
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I got the crop jacket and matching pants and the colors are so beautiful and vibrant. I absolutely love them.

Really nice, but some sewing issues

I am really excited about this bathingsuit but was disappointing in the tailoring on the upper half. It seemed like the last bits of the top were glued closed instead of sewn closed, so I had to take it to a tailor.

Awesome and colorful

I love the colorful print on these pants! They're drawstring with a stretchy waist. The only thing I wish is for the fabric to be softer. But I'm keeping these cuz they look cool!

Colorful and cool

This is such a great colorful and trippy design, and I'm so glad I got it! It comes with a great matching belt, too! Works great as a blazer or a short dress!

Loved it

This dress was just a wowuuu😍😍😍👌🏾

Bright print

The print in this is amazing being a person who love bright.The crop top however was not a perfect fit for me as it tend to stick out at the front giving me this uneven look.The skirt has to much material I tried my best to iron her flat but it was just to much material.


Am so in love with this skirt it fits perfect love the print. The print made it so hard to choose my accessories 😋💛💙


I love this dress! It fits perfectly and the infinity aspect allows for creativity with styling! 10/10 recommend.

I love it

My style

Pants are too large!!

Really disappointed that I am not allowed to exchange the sweatpants for a smaller size.

Classic, Beautiful & Vibrant💜💛

I received this jacket as a birthday gift from my children and I LOVE IT!! The colors are beautiful and the fit is perfection! I get stopped by strangers of all ethnicities all the time asking about my Ofuure trench coats. My sister snuck my first one out of my suitcase and kept it for 3 months! I bought her one of her own and she loves it! Ofuure is definitely the best of the best when it comes to beautiful African fashion. Can't wait for my next delivery! Thank you, Queen!!

Not expected...still impressed

I love a skirt with pockets and this is just one of the things about this skirt that I like. I didn’t get the one pictured, and had to look to see what happened. Now I know that each one could be a bit different, which adds to the uniqueness. The skirt is quite long, I am 5’7” and 140lbs and it hits the floor and more. So be prepared to wear heels.

Quality all the way

This top adds shape and dimension. The bottom is in layers, and the quality of fabric is more than expected. So pleased!


I wore it for my birthday and it was absolutely stunning.
Thank y’all so much for your hard work and giving women around the world the privilege to feel like royalty in your clothes ♥️🥰🥰🥰

Sexy versatile and gorgeous!!

Those three words describe this jumpsuit! I love it so much and received rave reviews when I wore it for my birthday!! Thank you so much for making this beautiful garment!!

Beautiful Dress!

The cut is really flattering and the print is chef’s kiss! I got lots of compliments,

So soft and beautiful colours

This is such a cute silk night dress the only issue I had was the top part was a bit big and the middle part a bit tight. Other than that its beautiful.